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We’re reorganizing this site to make it more personal, chatty, and informal. Most links to our free samples will be included in our articles.

The following articles include links to free samples:

In addition to those freebies, you can download the following coloring page samples.

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Aisling D’Art’s coloring books

Bold and Easy coloring pages - free sample

Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 1 – sample book link

Coloring Pages of Yesteryear - sampleColoring Pages of Yesteryear, Vol. 1 – sample page book book link

Pearls, Swirls, Stars - free coloring page

Coloring, Hippie Style – sample pageAmazon book link (the title and cover are new changed)

Lovely Designs 1 - freebieLovely Designs 1 – one sample pageAmazon book link

Second sample page from Lovely Designs 1

Lovely Designs 1 – a second sample pageAmazon book link

Also from Lovely Designs 1, the DIY pages – DIY Example 2 and DIY Example 5

Rather Sexy Mandalas - free page

Rather Sexy Mandalas – sample pageAmazon book link

Joan Verch-Rhys’ coloring books

Free coloring page 1 - Joan Verch-Rhys
Art Nouveau Mandalas to Color – Beardsley Collection 1 – sample pageAmazon book link

Free coloring pages 2 - Joan Verch-Rhys

Art Nouveau Mandalas to Color – Beardsley Collection 2 – sample pageAmazon book link

Art Nouveau in the Round - free coloring page

Art Nouveau in the Round – sample pageAmazon book link

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