2019 – What would you like?

In 2019, I’d like to create & publish more coloring books.

I can see what people are already buying in large numbers, and make more, similar coloring books. That’s common sense.

CrayonsBut, what all of us at the Coloring Group would like to know is: What would you like? Are there any kinds of coloring books you haven’t been able to find, or you’d like lots more of?

Our books reflect a variety of backgrounds. Every book is created with love.

And, because we draw upon (no pun intended) different backgrounds, we can consider book styles, themes, topics, and subjects that we haven’t tried before.

So, for me – and others in the Coloring Group – to create new coloring books, we’d like to know what you’re looking for… what kinds of coloring books delight you.

Please leave a comment at this site. Thanks!