Bold and Easy Coloring Pages – Volume 8 – Hearts!

Bold and Easy Coloring Pages – Volume 8 – Hearts!

Bold lines. Easy-to-color spaces. Happy heart designs!

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Bold and Easy Coloring Pages - Vol 8 - Hearts - Sample 1
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Bold and Easy Coloring Pages (Vol. 8) includes more than 70 heart-themed coloring pages with bold, easy-to-see lines, and big, easy-to-color spaces.

Inside this book, you’ll enjoy over 35 different heart-shaped designs printed on one side of the page. The designs are repeated (two of each) so you can try different colors, the second time… or have the luxury of a do-over.

Color your way to calm with these soothing, fun-to-color pages. These books are most popular with…

  • People who color to relax, and want to color in bed (in low-light conditions) without waking a partner.
  • Adults who don’t want to put on reading glasses to enjoy coloring.
  • Early Education and Special Education teachers.
  • Families and caregivers of loved ones who enjoy coloring, but are challenged by complex designs… and don’t want to color children’s coloring books, either.
  • Art therapists in private practice and institutional settings.

This is the eighth book in the popular “Bold and Easy Coloring Pages” series.

Aisling’s Notes
Bold and Easy Coloring Pages Vol 8 - Hearts - Sample 3
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This is one of my favorite books in the “Bold and Easy” coloring series, so far. (Okay, I’ll admit I fall in love with each of my books, as I create them.)

This coloring book combines the heavier lines so many readers (and colorists) want, with my natural, hippie illustration style.

Tip: If you liked the art in the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film, or Peter Max’s artwork, you’ll like this coloring book.

Every design was drawn by hand, with pen & paper. So, this book is absolutely unique, and has the kind of positive energy you won’t find in cookie-cutter digital designs.

For me, this style is a little retro (1960s) and comforting. And – as someone who likes to color in bed or in front of the TV – I enjoy bold lines that don’t require bright lighting or reading glasses.

So far, my readers appreciate those same features.I hope you enjoy these coloring pages at least as much as I enjoyed drawing them.

Tags: Bold & Easy Coloring, Hearts
Publisher: Coloring Group
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 172467319X
ISBN: 9781724673190
List Price: $8.50
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